Homeopathy is an effective alternative system of medicine that has been in use worldwide for over 200 years.  It considers the individuals on all levels – mind, body and emotions with the aim of helping to stimulate and strengthen one’s own immune system and the body’s natural healing abilities. 

For example, homeopathy takes into account that emotional stress or poor eating habits can cause migraine headaches, digestive issues such as bloating, heartburn, constipation or diarrhoea can contribute to anxiety, depression, auto-immune disorders, behavioural problems or even neurodegenerative diseases.

Homeopathy recognise that it is the individual who needs treatment, not the disease. 

A homeopath selects the most appropriate homeopathic medicine based on each individual’s specific and unique symptoms, personal level of health, medical history, personality, lifestyle, heredity and responses to life’s challenges. 

Using the principle that likes cures like, the body’s natural tendency to heal itself is stimulated by minute doses of homeopathic medicine.

Today, the World Health Organisation recognises homeopathy as the fastest growing and second most widely used medical system in the world. Over 200 million people globally use homeopathy on a regular basis.


Homeopathy is all about you; whatever it is that needs to be done to get you well or keep you well.

The most important benefits of homeopathy are:

  • It works to identify and address the underlying root cause (or causes) of dis-ease. You are seen as a unique individual, not as collection of symptoms or separate diagnostic labels.
  • It facilitates long-lasting healing by addressing the symptoms at all levels of your being – emotional, mental, spiritual and physical.
  • It combines using nature as a source of healing, with the rigours of modern science. Homeopathic medicines are free of side effects, non-addictive, not tested on animals and can be used alongside medications. They work with your body’s own healing powers to bring about health and wellbeing. 
  • It can be effective in addressing long-term and chronic problems offering long-lasting benefits. It can offer preventative measures too; this is how you can have an opportunity to maintain good health.
  • It is safe for babies and children and can be used safely in pregnancy and whilst breastfeeding.


Scientists in highly respected institutions worldwide are continuing to carry out high-quality research in homeopathy and are reporting their results in the peer-reviewed journals showing that homeopathy is effective.

Because I am focused on working with each individual’s unique expression of health, I have experience working with a wide range of medical conditions from stress, depression and anxiety, auto-immune conditions to hormonal disorders, including adrenal, thyroid and hormonal birth control related conditions. I don’t list them here because that list would be big yet incomplete.

If you have questions about homeopathy or my approach to your particular health condition, please schedule a 30 minute discovery call when you can ask me questions in person.

My areas of special interest include women’s wellbeing, stress, anxiety and depression disorders, immunity disorders, behavioural problems in children and teen’s wellbeing.

Please know that I will see you, not only your disease when we work together.

I am looking forward to hearing from you!



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