I developed a passion for homeopathy when I was given homeopathic medicine following the birth of my son.  I had several postpartum problems including depression and when my son was six months old, I sought help from a homeopath. I was astonished by how quickly I responded to the homeopathic medicine.  Not only did my depression lifted and I regained vitality, but I experienced the surge of love and bonding with my son.  Little did I know that the effects of the traumatic birth had a direct impact on our bonding and my mental and emotional well-being. 

Here began my fascination with homeopathy and this experience changed my life. It was enough to motivate  me to fully understand how I was able to heal.  Less than a year later, I decided to change my profession and study homeopathy on a BSc course at the Centre for Homeopathic Education in London, that is the largest homeopathic college in the UK.

I bridged my interests in holistic health and medicine with my knowledge of science. During my four year homeopathy training at CHE, I immersed in advanced learning of homeopathy theory and philosophy, methodology and research with excellent teachers who offered a range of styles and wisdom.  All this was instrumental in helping me create strong practices.  I am honoured to be a lecturer and tutor at CHE and work alongside great homeopaths and teachers who trained me.


Dr. Nataša Perić, PhD
07961 018512
Telegraph Hill
London SE14 5NW